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Notary Services

Notary Services

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Seal your documents with trust - Our Notary Services have got you covered. Call (901) 206.4625 or email

Please give us a 24-hour notice and we will be with you as quickly as possible. 


* Valid ID - we require at least one valid government-issued ID, such as a driver's license or passport.

* Physical Presence - you need to be physically present in front of the notary when signing the document. 

* Original Document - the document that needs to be notarized should be an original document with no alterations and not a copy.

* Witness - we require a witness to be present when signing. 

* Fee $25.00 + Additional Travel Fee if we travel to you. - other notaries commly charge a fee for their services, but this may vary by location. 

If allergic to latex please refer to our Mylar Balloons collection.

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